Last night, Jon Stewart couldn't believe anyone would come to the defense of fired Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, after video of his practices where he'd physically and verbally abuse players surfaced.  But Fox News did.

By now we've all seen the video of the now-former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice hitting, kicking, throwing balls at, and generally Great Santini-ing his college student players.
"So hands in, everybody, let's win one for the university.  Go Scarlet Knights!  Clear eyes, full hearts, fucking fairies!"

Anyway, I feel pretty confident that no reasonable person could watch that video and quibble with that coach's firing.


MICHELLE MALKIN: It's interesting how we only pay attention to these conflagrations when it comes to hate speech, if the left-wing media makes a big fuss and kick over these particular incidents.

ERIC BOLLING: This is an example of our culture in freefall. ... Talk about the wussification of America, wussification of American men?

SEAN HANNITY: Maybe we really need a little more discipline in society. ... My father hit me with a belt, I turned out OK!

(shocked gasps from audience)

"Anyway, coming up next, I shout at people I disagree with for an hour."

Seriously?  You're OK?  Have you seen your show?  'Cause it seems like the show of a guy who was hit with a belt as a child.

By the way, it's gotta be so exhausting to have to categorize everything that happens through your right-left two-dimensional goggles.  This isn't a liberal left-wing media persecuting on politically correct grounds.  This was a basketball coach who acted like an asshole and got fired.  What is wrong with you?  What, do you watch The Shining and go, "Oh yeah, that's the movie about how Shelley Duvall learned a good lesson."

Like, what are you talking about??

Video below the fold.

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