Fresh off of making it a felony for women to expose their nipples as a political protest, but not illegal to expose their nipples in a strip club and right after introducing a bill to establish a state religion.

Our GOP leaders are now introducing the “Healthy Marriage Act”.

The "Healthy Marriage Act" requires the happy couple to wait two years before a receiving a divorce.

But wait -- that is not all:

In order to get a divorce a couple would also be required to complete a set of counseling courses on improving "communication skills" and "conflict resolution."  (This is of course an unfunded mandate.)

But wait -- there is more:

If the couple has children, they'd also be required to complete a course of at least four hours on the impact of divorce on children.

And we can’t miss a chance to get into the couple’s bedroom:

It would also strike from the current law a provision that says “isolated incidents of sexual intercourse” don’t count against the one-year waiting period.  So if you have sex the clock goes back to day one.  Oops!

"North Carolina has a very high divorce rate -- one of the worst -- and it's probably because we've been lax in our divorce laws. Made it too easy,"  State Senator. Austin Allran said.

And no exceptions if you're a battered spouse, a parent of an abused child or married to an alcoholic or drug addict.

So if your husband beats you up and rapes you, you can't get legal help because the GOP just cut the funds for that.  You certainly can't get legal help to keep custody of your children.

But you MUST pay for and go to counseling with the asshole to get yourself free.

Ya think their base hasn't ever been divorced?

Ya think these politicians are just not ready for the big leagues?

Not quite the sharpest tools in the shed, bless their little hearts.

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