We often carry out sekrit missions, but for now we must not reveal our operational plans.

 photo notpass_zps83282c52.jpg

We think it's clear though what is our intent.

 photo freedom_zpsf8f3901f.jpg

Starting early is the rule.

 photo first_zps5e8679f4.jpg

And our troops make sure they are always fully equipped.

 photo nail.jpg

Our skills are legendary.

 photo funny-cat-pictures-no-can-handle-my-jiu-jitzu.jpg

So we are not afraid of being caught.

 photo prison_zpsd9868d5b.jpg

Our funding is assured.

 photo business_zpsa2a9e2ff.jpg

And our timing is impeccable.

 photo wait_zpsa07ffe59.jpg

We have our operatives in place.

 photo double_zpsf1c27d1c.jpg

And their directive is clear.

 photo terriers_zps60e59a10.jpg

They will insinuate themselves into position.

 photo chum_zps1fddb4a1.jpg

Then the operation will commence.

 photo store_zpscccae4da.jpg

Does anyone really think they can stop us?

 photo Iknow_zpsb13de4e6.jpg

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