well beyond the war on other public workers such as that waged by Scott Walker and others in the thrall of ALEC.

This is war on those who would help the "other children" to be successful.

This is a war on those who might teach students to think independently, which is a major threat to the corporate domination of American politics

This is war to take resources and privatize them in a grab for more than half a trillion of annual spending on public schools

This is a war to "prove" that public schools are "failing" to justify, a la Shock Doctrine, abandoning them from their essential mission, which includes preparing them to be active citizens in a liberal democracy, and created a compliant, submissive work force that will not challenge authority

This is war to take away models of people who do things not primarily for the profit motive, which by their example inspires others to think beyond the profit motive

This is war to create a Hobbesian world of a war of every man against every other man -  by calling it Race it implies that most will be losers, to which when that is pointed out corporatizers will say that represents real world reality.  

NO IT DOESN'T.  It represents a particular distortion of reality which privatizes profits and the use of public resources and socializes the real costs on to those who are excluded from the decision making process.

Cato kept repeating that Carthage must be destroyed.  The "reformers" keep attacking teachers because that is the foundation on which meaningful public education is built.

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