Last week i published http://www.dailykos.com/... on Lovey the feral kitten and asked for some help. This is an update on how wonderful people were and how she is doing

First of all, we raised a whopping 685 dollars for her treatment. That not only got me permission to go on a payment plan within reason but covers her treatment so far which includes an emergency spay,xrays, specialty surgeon consult, vaccinations b4 the spay etc. and meds. she was pregnant, not a good idea with two broken back legs and a broken hip.

The surgeon has decided she was manipulating herself so well he has put her on 4 weeks cage rest to see if anything starts to heal itself to keep costs down. Then he will go in and repair anything left in one shot.  She is comfortable on two pain meds and has turned from feral who bit me and needed gloves with the first gp vet, into a wonderful domesticated (with me) kitten.

She regularly comes to the door of the cage at med time or when i want to have some one on one cuddles on the bed, purrs and rolls over to get her chin scratched where she likes it. She is using her legs sparingly of course, with a broken tibia and hip on one and hock and torn achilles on the other she doesn't want to move them to much but she can stand on them and does walk a little..in fact to much! She escaped from a small hole in the cage and ended up in the basement.  She is a fighter, that much is sure.

I will get a picture next time, she is a long hair gray with some orange in her and so cute, the tips of her ears fold over a little. She has a fighters face, a couple of scars from being outside all her life....gosh i remember when she first appeared around the feeding tray with her brothers and sisters about 6 months ago.  I had thought she was male and didnt bring her in bc i have 3 unspayed feral females (yes they will get done as i find the money) from outside already and didnt dare chance introducing an intact male. I had noticed her more than the others though since she always reached for the tin of food. The outside guys get a lot of dry every day and a tin of wet morning and night.

Anyway, she is doing good and hopefully at least one of her breaks heals enough it doesn't need surgical intervention then I will deal with the rest the best as I can.

I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the support and the funds to get to a place where she can be fixed. It might take me two years to pay it off but at least she will be a healthy little girl.

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