One would think that the Mike Rice scandal is one issue on which there is no other side.  But apparently somebody forgot to tell Faux News.  On the day Rice was fired, Eric Bolling said on The Five that Rice getting fired was further evidence of "the wussification of America."  Later that night, Sean Hannity said--with a straight face--that Rice was merely trying to "bring out the best" in his players.  

Now, I could conceivably see a Faux News host defending the gay slurs as just locker-room chatter (though to his credit, Bolling condemned them).  But deliberately throwing a basketball at someone--especially at someone's head or private parts--is unacceptable.  Period.  In fact, I'd really like to hear how someone can defend that as a motivational tactic, because the only appropriate response is "You're despicable."  ESPN's Andy Katz said as much on CNN's Reliable Sources yesterday.

As much as we've slammed Faux News over the years, to my mind their silence on Bolling and Hannity's comments is the most egregious example of how "Fair and Balanced" is a bunch of hot air.  It's also proof that this Republican agitprop outlet masquerading as a news network has no decency or moral compass whatsoever.

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