This is a petition I posted on the White House website.  Please sign it and let the President know where our priorities are.

The text of the petition is over the orange-lined cloud.

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Prioritize the Creation of Jobs and the Improvement of the Economy Over Austerity that Does Not Effectively Address Debt

History shows us that only during our greatest prosperity can we effectively reduce deficits and slow down the accumulation of our debt. European attempts to do otherwise have resulted in slow growth at best, and job losses and recession at worst. Their debts remain high, ironically enough, even growing.

The proponents of making debt and deficit reduction the priority cite the burden to our children, but do we not burden our children even more if their parents don't have jobs, now, and in the future? If the economy is slow or contracting, with little positive effect on our debts and deficits?

Our fiscal health depends more strongly on the economy than the other way around. Recessions inevitably increase debts and deficits. Growth reduces it.

Let's put the economy first.

9:54 AM PT: By the way: I took a quick look at the site, and it said that in order for a petition to be publically searchable, it needs 150 signatures.  I know there are at least that many people on this site who believe what I am saying here.  The only question is, why not?

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