No really.

I started some new medication and every night since then I have had the most amazing dreams - not only are they spectacular, but I remember them - which is odd for me.

Dream details below the dooblydoo.

The only dreams I generally remember are some very odd ones, or the scary recurring one I had as a kid.  Running through a swamp lots of old trees, spanish moss, dark, scary and all the water is poisoned somehow and being chased.  I have to get to the center of the swamp to a particular tree to be safe - and it's got this huge moat around it of the dreaded poison water.  Had this one for years.  Of course, every time I tried to get there - climb over from another tree branch, swing on a vine, etc - I would someone manage to just touch poison water and wake up as I was "dying."

The other one I had recurring as an adult was a dystopian society where people were rounded up and "taken away" by authorities, and I was on the run with a family - spouse, couple of kids - trying to make it out of the area controlled by these forces.  We end up hiding in a rambling apartment of a widow who takes us in, only to turn us into the authorities after a couple days for no apparent reason.  The details of the rooms and the books on the shelves are stronger than any definition of who we are on the run from, or what we did to be on the run.

So I know I dream, and I dream in colour, but I seldom remember them - or they usually fade quite quickly.  The above are the two notable exceptions to the fade rule.

The new drug has changed all that.  Not only are these very clearly remembered even days later, but they are deeply textured and coloured - and never the same.

So the first one was the emu that wanted to be scritched like a cat.  Turns out there are a lot of emu farms (or were) down here, so there are emus to scritch even in real life.  I was somewhere farmlike with some people - random dream people - and this emu charges across a field toward me. Random dream people are all freaking out - I'm not, before I started taking the pills birds talked to me - so I just wait and this emu screeches to a halt and proceeds to rub its neck and face all over me demanding scritches.  Naturally I scritched.

The next night was postcard pensieves - they looked like ordinary postcards until you pick them up - then sort of did this starry explody thing in your hand and you were "in" the image.  Not transported there, that would be a portkey, but you experienced the place briefly before the effect ended.  That was fun.

Last night - SIMS2 on a space station.  There were hidden aliens, some kind of software update that needed to be done and didn't actually work - but the aliens patched it with SIMS2 apparently.  Everyone became animated, spoke Simlish, had to pee a lot, etc etc. They must have been nerd aliens with too much time on their hands or something, but it was entertaining anyway.

So I have no idea what the adventure will be tonight.  Do you have dreams you remember or recurring ones? Tell me about them!

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