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Saturday night, a 4-year-old in Lebanon, Tennessee, shot the wife of a sheriff's deputy at a family cookout, killing her.

It all started when Josephine and Daniel Fanning were entertaining family and friends with a cookout at their home. Daniel, a Tennessee Deputy Sheriff took a relative into his bedroom to show off some of his guns. Moments later, a young boy attending the cookout followed the men into the room. The deputy's wife, Josephine, was following the boy. The boy spotted a really neat gun on the bed, picked it up, pointed it at Josephine, pulled the trigger, and blew her away.

According to the LA Times:

Officials think the shooting was an accident but are investigating in case prosecutors decide to file charges.
That helps.

It turns out that the gun was not Deputy Fanning’s service weapon. The sheriff says the deputy’s weapons are normally stored in a safe.

That helps.

According to local news:

Josephine G. Fanning, 48, was pronounced dead at the home at 6710 S.E. Tater Peeler Road, according to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting occurred while Wilson County Deputy Daniel Fanning, 51, was with another relative looking at guns in a bedroom of the home, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.


Tater Peeler Road.

And, there's a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Who knew?

Alcohol was present at the gathering.... The 4-year-old was a relative of Daniel and Josephine Fanning, police said.

“(It) appears accidental at this time,’’ TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm said.

Daniel Fanning was hired by former longtime Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe, who resigned last year to become executive director of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association.

“He was a good officer who did his job,’’ Ashe said.

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