We spend our lives working hard, and making payments toward social security.
The right wing distorts this to imply that recipients are moochers, out to
impoverish the billionaires who are trying to annihilate it.

Most of you don't feel that social security concerns you.
You consider yourself far from retirement age.  But let me
tell you, it creeps up quickly.  You'll find yourself spammed
by ARRP in no time!  

That email from aarp is a signal that , you are on the verge of
generating no income.  
Your life is about to become very vulnerable.
Social security will mean whether or not you can make your house payment,
take a week-end getaway, help out your kid who was laid off, or give your grandchild
dancing lessons.  Or even EAT.

FACT:  Social security benefits have not been updated in YEARS.

The Republican campaign to weaken social security is a red herring.
It is calculated to DEFLECT our attention away from the need to increase
social security benefits for hard working citizens.

Seniors should not be cowed into feeling like they are getting free money, to
collect what they have been working like animals for.

Increasing ss benefits needs to be a major issue.  Just under global

I think by this time I've figured out that you don't like my diaries.  But
perhaps one of you smarter Kos people might take the content and
turn it into a diary on what is more, and more becoming a burning issue.


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