By now most of you have probably heard that there was another rampage on a college campus in Texas today.

Twelve people were rushed to area hospitals after an attack on the campus of Lone Star College Cy-Fair in northwest Harris County. Two other people were treated for minor wounds at the scene in the 9900 block of Barker Cypress.

Witnesses said a suspect ran down a hallway randomly stabbing other students in the Health and Science Center. Other students rushed to help the victims until emergency crews arrived. One victim was "bleeding profusely," according to the witness.

Because this was a stabbing and no gun was used, Right-wingers are of course jumping on the story as an example of how gun control would not prevent violent sprees:

Guess Obama is going to add Knives to the weapons ban.
Obama's Gun Control would have prevented this....... not.
This sounds like an assault knife, probably with a high capacity grip.
A teary eyed Obama could use this incident to deliver another sappy "I feel you pain" BS speech and photo op.
Knife control measures are in the works now.
This is such a teachable moment for the whole gun control issue. Because the campus is a gun free zone, these people were helpless to defend themselves from a freaking MELEE attack. One concealed carrier in the vicinity could have ended it quickly.
Nevermind the failure in grasping that if you did not have time to prevent from being stabbed you likely did not have time to pull out your awesome Freedom-Shooter and nail a moving target in a chaotic scene without harming an innocent bystander, lets just realize that the story is 14 injured, not 14 dead. Don't get me wrong, I dont look forward to being stabbed but I feel a lot more empowered in the situation than I would if a gunman could shoot me 11 times in seconds from across a room with body-exploding projectiles. Just saying....

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