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Friday April 10, 1903
Eugene V Debs and the Conflict within the Socialist Party-Part I

Problems started when the Western Federation of Miners established a new labor federation: the American Labor Union. The American Labor Union then declared itself in favor of Socialism and began a nation-wide campaign to organize unions on an industrial basis rather than on the craft basis favored by the American Federation of Labor. Debs was strongly rebuked for his support of the ALU by Socialist Party leaders such as Victor Berger and J. Mahlon Barnes who have achieved some influence within the AF of L. Barnes is a member of Samuel Gompers' own cigarmakers union.

Debs fired back with an article in last November's issue of the International Socialist Review. He stated that he would be willing to support Samuel Gompers:

Eugene V Debs
..when the American Federation of Labor sheds its outworn pure and
simple policy, when it declares against the capitalist system and for union, class-conscious action at the ballot box; when it relegates leaders to the rear who secure fat offices for themselves in reward for keeping the rank and file in political ignorance and industrial slavery, and when it shall cease to rely upon cringing lobbying committees.
Eugene V Debs
The Making of an American Radical

-by Ray Ginger
NY, 1962

International Socialist Review, November 1902

Thursday April 10, 1913
Akron, Ohio - The End of the Rubber Strike and the Effects of Defeat

The strikers could not withstand the reign of terror inflicted upon them by Mayor Rockwell and his police officers who chose to aid the vigilantees in attacking the strikers rather than providing the protection that any citizen should be granted. 17,000 workers have been forced back into a living hell, working at a speed which can kill a man in 5 years, and working long hours at that speed without rest. These men are simply being sweated to death. The men are back at work under these inhumane conditions and yet any grievance submitted will lead to discharge.  

The American Federation of Labor blames the Industrial Workers of the World for the loss of the strike, ignoring its own role of strikebreaking. These are the unskilled mass-industry workers whom the AFL has shown no interest in organizing. Yet the AFL seems to believe that no other union should attempt to enter the field which they have preferred to leave unorganized.

History of the Labor Movement inthe United States Vol 4
The Industrial Workers of the World 1905-1917

-by Philip S Foner
NY, 1980

Wednesday April 10, 2013
From The Nation: "What You Need to Know About the Indiana University Strike"
Though Indiana University's March Madness is over, a generation of gutting and restructuring has left Hoosier country on its feet. This Thursday and Friday, the university will be the site of a statewide strike. As the Board of Trustees holds its annual meeting, many students and staff are expected to walk out of class and off the job....

Public sector workers in Indiana aren't legally allowed to strike, and according to the university, faculty are prohibited from using “faculty LISTSERVs and emails to promote organization around the proposed student strike.”

...The strike will be accompanied by a number of actions, as well as "Free University Days" organized by graduate students and instructors.

Not in Indiana? The strikers are asking students and allies from across the country to write letters of support to the Indiana Daily Student at opinion@idsnews.com.

Read full article here:

Indiana Daily Student

IU on Strike Tumbler

IU on Strike Facebook

Students, Faculty, & Staff!

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