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President Obama is the most powerful person in the world and he's responsible for the most powerful nation in history.  The lives of the 300 million people in this country and the billions of people on this planet are affected by how he does his job.  That's what he's thinking.  He's thinking about serving the people of this country and the world.  

He has succeeded at advancing gay rights, reforming health care, reforming our financial system, defending us from terrorism, winding down wars, supporting emerging democracies and he's working hard on immigration and preventing gun violence right now.

But you claim that you can't understand what he's thinking having presented a compromise budget that includes cuts to entitlements.  Seriously?  He's been President for 4 years and you still haven't figured out how he thinks?  Maybe you need to go back and watch his 2004 convention speech.  I don't think you were listening to what he said, because it's the same thing he's been saying the whole time he's been in national politics.  He's interested in governing not fighting the partisan fights of another generation.  

But I think you get that already.  I think you do understand what Obama is thinking.  You want to do what others have done and just come right out and accuse him of being a bad person, but you realize that there is a hiccup involved in declaring that the President doesn't care about the American people.  

While you are writing blogs about not understanding what the President is thinking, the President is out pushing for gay marriage and gun control and immigration reform.  You know, things that kind of undermine the accusation that he doesn't care about the American people.  How do you accuse someone who is pushing for those things of not caring about the American people?

Face it, the President is a good person who has been doing a good job, but you don't see eye to eye on this one and that's all there is to it.  Nobody is a good guy or a bad guy.  Everyone cares about the American people.  You just don't agree on a policy.  

And, um, news flash, life goes on.  

8:06 PM PT: I guess the point of this diary is unclear.  Let me clear it up.  We ALL knew that this was coming.  We knew Obama would offer this before we voted in 2012.  We've known it since the simpson/bowles commission.  So, all the panic and outrage and dismay is bullshit.  

You voted for this, so, you own it.  You own it.  Have some courage about it.

Besides, it's not like it's going to happen.  Cuts to entitlements will not pass congress.  Obama can offer it, but the GOP and the Democrats are not going to take it.

8:32 PM PT: Alright, there's no point in talking to any of you.  You're all in a doomsday spiral mode, so, I just have to wait it out.  Like every time this happens.  And it happens a lot around here.  And nothing is ever the way you chicken littles claim it is going to be.

I'll see you when you realize that the world isn't ended.

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