I think this was meant as a defense, but it actually sounds more like a confession:

Carney opens up WH briefing with Walden. Notes chained CPI in Obama budget "comes at the specific request of behest of Republican leaders."
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Hmm. Okay, so cutting Social Security is a Republican idea. Fine, but I don't remember the American public voting to put GOP leaders back in the White House last November. So why should their proposal be part of the president's budget?

And as for this:

Carney says Walden's comments represent a "cynical attempt to disown a proposal that came from Republican leaders."
@mpoindc via Seesmic twhirl
It might be cynical, but so what? This is politics. Instead of helplessly whining about a politician behaving cynically, how about doing the smart thing and dropping the Social Security cut proposal like the lead balloon that it is?

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