U.S. President Barack Obama at press conference in Amman March 22, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Reed
Seriously, what the f?
So now the White House is relegated to whining about chained CPI being a Republican idea.
Carney opens up WH briefing with Walden. Notes chained CPI in Obama budget "comes at the specific request of behest of Republican leaders."
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As Jed said, "I don't remember the American public voting to put GOP leaders back in the White House last November." True. I don't remember Rep. Paul Ryan putting any of Barack Obama's ideas in his budget.

But it's worse than that: That "Republican idea" is so politically toxic, that even Republicans didn't include it in their draconian cut-everything-else budget!

If it's their idea, let them propose it. Make them put it down in writing. Make them own it. Make them explain to the American people why they're proposing something that is poor public policy and doesn't even do anything to address the deficit.

And then tell them "fuck no, we won't try and balance the budget on the backs of seniors." But no, this White House has botched this so badly that it is Republicans going around pretending to fight for our most popular government program. If that's supposed to be 11th dimensional chess, the White House has been checkmated.

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