If we are to believe the news we see, the vast majority of Republicans are against the idea of introducing the chained CPI for Social Security benefits.  Nearly every Democrat and independent seems to share that sentiment.  

To be frank, unless the President floated this as a way to polarize the public against the idea of a chained CPI, he's screwed the pooch so to speak.  If taking chained CPI off the table was the original goal, well, the President deserves whatever the equivalent of the Nobel Prize is in psychology and sociology to add to his Nobel Peace Prize.

Regardless, what are our goals and paths forward as Democrats and Progressives in the face of the current situation?  How do we ensure that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the VA not only do not suffer from the current situation, but that we in fact do a better job of ensuring the government's already-promised socioeconomic obligations are honored?

I of course have my opinions, but I'm really starting this with the hope of encouraging discussion.  It's late in my time zone, and I'll hopefully be able to check back in the next day or so.  In the meantime, the floor is yours.

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