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The scientific term they gave the phenomenon is "maladaptive brain activity change".  

2. (pron.) When one conveniently forgets something just at the right moment when he or she is asked an important question. In the act of trying not to look stupid as one is they cover it up by indicating that they had a brain fart. Unlike a normal fart, these leave no revolting odor or any clue to their presence.

And of course there's a website called Brain Fart, below is their definition.

The word “BrainFart” means “sudden genius idea in the brain of IT specialist”, every employee of our company is obliged to generate ideas, to be diversified and educated. All employees have higher education and have the ability to think and this is the most important in our direction - this helps to solve the challenges of any complexity using any technology.
Really? Something got lost in translation.

Personally I just viewed it as a simple mental error. You thought one thing but verbalized another. Now I'm curious. What's your definition of a brain fart? This could be fun. It looks like there are no wrong answers.

On with the games!!  

Mojo Friday Guidelines

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Mojo Friday Goals

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C. Stay on Recommend List at least five hours (this requires some strategic planning by you guys, refer to guideline #3)

D. At least 200 diary recommends. 300 would be better, spread the word.

E. And always, fun fun fun.

F. Have at least 75% average participation rate as seen here in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show by Woodtick and bjedward.

G. (New) Have at least 30 kossacks over 90% participation (see here for some tips).

H. Overload the servers with recommends, not to mention dominate Top Comments Mojo list. (we do tend to mess with the site with all of our recommends at one time)(also, to dominate the Top Comments Top Mojo we need at least 50 comments with over 200 recommends, see guideline B)

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