As most of you know, I've been unemployed for over seven years now. During most of that time I was in college working on two degrees, and near the end I'd held a couple of internships for some real world experience. I was also naive enough to think that perhaps all this would at least get my foot in the door with a few employers. Boy was I wrong.

I busted my ass day and night in the hopes that I might be able to make some kind of decent living, but here I am, right back at square one because the outlook for Information Technology for Florida as a whole is bleak at best due to the loss of the shuttle program.

The other thing that seems to be a kicker for me is that I don't communicate too well. I've never been too good at talking to people or telling them exactly what they want to hear because it's just not who I am.

I like to help people with getting things done and assist in solving problems where and when I can. In my experience with hiring managers, though, I can tell you that's not what employers want. They want someone who can make the image of a business look good even when they're at their absolute worst.

That's not who I am either. I don't like to lie or stretch the truth just so the shareholders and CEOs can squeeze a couple more bucks in their checks or bonuses at my expense.

I've tried job fairs, job websites and everything else you can think of, and still, nothing. This also isn't doing me any favors when it comes to stress or boredom, but you get used to it after a while.

I suppose that's what we get for being 'different'.

See you around,


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