Hi again beer fans! Happy Friday, come join us for a cold one, or two.

This week I found beer news from Britain; it appears they've noticed American craft beer.

Once widely mocked, US beer is now popular globally with hipsters and connoisseurs alike. Why is the world buying in to the American brewing revolution?

Not so very long ago, American beer was a joke. And a weak one at that.

Widely mocked and deservedly so; American drinkers who had discovered beer with flavor were some of the loudest mockers. Now, American craft brewers and home brewers are the most creative force the beer business has ever seen. If you can afford a few pints of the good stuff, it's a great time to be a beer drinker in America.
"There's a hipster cachet to it," says Melissa Cole, ale expert and author of Let Me Tell You About Beer. "Craft beer is seen as sexy right now, there's no doubt about it."
[You can tell this is the BBC not some American media; they have writers and editors who know the difference between cachet and cache. But I digress.]

I've got Lagunitas IPA tonight, it was on sale. What are you drinking?

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