CNN image of Boston Marathon explosion

2:27 PM PT: So the New York Post is pushing a "report" that a "Saudi national" is in custody as a suspect. But TPM reports Boston PD are saying the New York Post's report is wrong. Obviously there's tons that we don't know, but the Post doesn't have any company so far in their claim, which is reminiscent of what happened immediately after the Oklahoma City bombing.

2:30 PM PT: Another example of just how much chaotic, spotty, and plain inaccurate coverage and speculation there has been and will be.

On @AP report that cell phones were shut to prevent remote detonation: service is spotty but exists, so not sure how it could have been shut

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2:38 PM PT: FBI not commenting.

2:44 PM PT:
BOSTON PD: Tell CNN "We don't have anyone in custody".
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2:54 PM PT:
NBC now claims NY Post report may be correct--police "guarding" possible wounded suspect in hospital. http://t.co/...
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