President Obama is scheduled to make a statement on the Boston Marathon bombing at 11:30 AM ET from the White House. Here's a video feed:

We'll post updates as he delivers his remarks.

8:30 AM PT: In other news, apparently LaGuardia's main terminal was cleared because of concern about a suspicious package and a plane at Boston's Logan airport was intercepted before returning to the terminal. I saw some Twitter reports that it was because somebody overheard two passengers speaking Arabic. If that's the case, it's crazy and embarrassing. In other news—and remember, take this with the same grain of salt you took the original reports—the New York Times reports a law enforcement official says the Saudi national was injured in the attack and subsequently interviewed by authorities was not involved.

8:31 AM PT: President Obama: "We continue to mobilize all law enforcement resources to protect our citizens and investigate the attack."

8:32 AM PT: "This was a heinous and cowardly act and given what we know the FBI is investigating it as an act of terrorism. ... What we don't know" is whether this who carried out the attack and whether it was a group or an individual. We will find them, though, he says, and they will face justice.

8:33 AM PT: Obama also pointed out that anytime a bomb is used to attack citizens in a public arena, it is an act of terror, which apparently some folks yesterday (all on the right, of course) were confused about.

8:35 AM PT: Despite using the "T-word," President Obama says Americans "will not be terrorized." "We know it was bombs that were set off ... bombs that did severe damage." But we don't know whether it was a group, individual, or individuals, and we don't know motive.

8:37 AM PT: So I guess the main piece of news at the briefing was that President Obama wanted to make sure teeth-gnashing right-wingers could hear the word "terrorism" and the phrase "act of terror" escape his lips. I'm sure that will settle that.

9:35 AM PT (Transcripts Editors): Transcript of this statement can be found here.

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