That's right.  You're gonna need approval from Ministry of Homeland Security to get a job.  

         Need a job? You need this.
Check this out from the summary of the immigration reform bill, posted at Talking Points Memo:
All employers will be required to use the E-Verify system.  [blather about "phase-in" period omitted] ...  As part of the E-Verify system, every non-citizen will be required to show their “biometric work authorization card,” or their “biometric green card.” These photographs will be stored in the E-Verify system.  ... [misleading blather omitted] ...  the picture on the card presented by the employee to the employer will have to exactly match the identical picture the employer has on the E-Verify system.

In other words, the federal government will be assembling a database of the photographs of every person in the United States.  If you want a job, you must show an ID to your employer with a photograph that exactly matches the photograph in the government's database.

What could possibly go wrong?

It is not sufficient that it be you in both photographs.  It must be the exact same photograph of you.

How exactly is the government going to construct this database?  Two ways: through passports and through driver's licenses:

For U.S. citizens with passports, the picture on the passport presented by the employee will have to match the identical picture the employer has on the E-Verify system. A driver’s license can be used, so long as the citizen’s state has agreed to submit a photo to E-Verify.
So, if you don't get a passport, and you want a job, your state has to agree to forward all of its DL photos to the Ministry of Homeland Security.   That's the stick part.  The bribe part is that the feds are supposedly going to shovel $250 million of money raised from Goddess knows where to help the states implement this scheme.  

In this connection, one might consider that the Texas voter ID law was struck down in part because there were many counties in Texas that did not have DMV office, and there were cases where people would have to make a 200 mile round trip to get a driver's license or ID card.  Now you'd have to that to get a job.

So, in short, the price of immigration reform will be that each and every one of us who wants a job will need to get the permission of the freakin' Secretary of Homeland Security before you can make a nickel.

No such requirement exists for firearms purchases of course.  That's a right you see.  Unlike, oh working.  


What kind of country requires government permission to work but not to buy a gun?

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