Mike Ross announces campaign for Arkansas governor.
Can't you feel the excitement from Mike Ross's (D-Villain) campaign announcement?
If you didn't appreciate what the Blue Dogs did to the Democratic Party and the nation, then the Arkansas Democratic gubernatorial primary is about to get interesting.

Former Lt. Gov. and economic populist Bill Halter is already in the race, and today, Rep. Mike Ross joined him. Those of you with good memories might remember Ross as a former chairman of the Blue Dog caucus in the House, proud to undermine Democratic initiatives wherever they might arise.

Of course, Ross has to get through a statewide Democratic primary, so queue the revisionism:

Here lately, it seems the only time Arkansas makes national news is when these divisive politicians succeed at pushing through their attacks on women and families. Attacks like these only serve to erase the progress Arkansas has made and they detract from our focus on the future.
Cute. This is the same Mike Ross who joined Reps. Paul Ryan, Steve King, Allen West, Michele Bachmann and Todd Akin co-sponsoring the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act"—the very bill that tried to redefine rape between "forcible" and, well, the other kinds of rape that are okay, I guess. I just don't understand how Republicans (and Mike Ross) think.

This is also the same Mike Ross who voted for GOP efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

The House also approved an amendment offered by Pence to the spending bill that cuts all forms of federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which operates a network of more than 800 family planning clinics nationwide. Planned Parenthood receives roughly $360 million in federal assistance annually through Medicaid, Maternal and Child Health block grants and other sources.
With Democrats like Mike Ross, who needs Republicans? Seriously, the dude voted against Obamacare, he voted to extend Bush's tax cuts for millionaires. He was the only Democrat to receive Koch Brother money, and has been their favorite Democrat for years.

There is no place in the Democratic Party for Democrat-hating Blue Dogs like Ross. This race will matter, not just for the people of Arkansas who deserve far better, but for what we stand for as a party, even in the South. We'll be watching this race very, very closely.

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