Political Wire managed to get its hands on the trespassing complaint Jenny Sanford filed against Mark Sanford.  It contains a chilling disclosure--apparently Mark has showed up at Jenny's house on multiple occasions.  David Nir linked to the documents in his diary, but given the circumstances, this merits a diary by itself--and also merits a repost from yesterday.

The key disclosure is on page 3.  Jenny Sanford states that Mark Sanford has "a pattern" of showing up not only where she lives now, but also at the home they shared prior to their divorce.  Jenny told him repeatedly that he was violating the court order barring either of them from coming to the other's house without permission, and even went as far as to file a "No Trespass" letter with the Sullivan's Island Police Department.  The way it sounds, Jenny has been bending over backwards to keep this out of court--but apparently seeing Sanford sneaking in the back door on Super Bowl Sunday was the last straw.

There were a few diaries yesterday engaging in Schaedenfreude over Mark Sanford being called on the carpet.  But this is as far from a laughing matter as it can get.  This is no different from any other estranged husband who repeatedly shows up at his ex-wife's house despite being told to stay away.  When you're frightened enough that you have to file a "No Trespass" letter with the police, that's pretty freaking scary.

If I'm Mark Sanford, saving my political career is the least of my worries right now.  Even if he's telling the truth about only going to the house once (and that's hard to believe, given that we already know he's a baldfaced liar), that one time should send a chill down the spine of anyone with a pulse.  Sneaking in through the back door, and using your cell phone as a flashlight to get out?  That alone would be enough in my mind to hold him in contempt--and the velocity with which that will happen should create quite the breeze.

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