Dear Representative Wasserman Schultz:

I don’t believe that you’ll read this, but I’m writing to you today in your capacity as the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Friday, March 17, 1972 was a great day in my life.  I turned 18; I became an adult.   Immediately after school was out at 3:05 pm I did two of the most important things in my life: I went to the post office and registered with the selective service, followed immediately by driving to the county recorder’s office and registering to vote as a Democrat.  I have been a very active Democrat for the past 41 years.  I have been a precinct committeeperson, both vice-president and president of our local Democrat Club, I have walked hundreds of miles and made countless phone calls for Democrat candidates vying for local, state, and national office, and I’ve run for county elected office twice.  I’m telling you this, not because you’ll be impressed, I’m sure that you won’t be, but because I want you understand that I actively participate in our democratic process; you might say that I’ve got some skin in the game.

So, with that said, I must state in the strongest terms, that the situation with the United States Senate is untenable!  Republican obstructionism is beyond the pall.  You know far better than I that this behavior is destroying the fabric of our country: judicial vacancies are filibustered, cabinet positions are filibustered, legislation is filibustered, and so on.  The minority is running the country!  I do understand the irony that the individuals doing this are the same people that complain that the country is being run by minorities, but I guess that it’s just not their minority.  I lay the responsibility for these Senatorial problems squarely at Senator Harry Reid’s doorstep!  For the past five years Senator Reid has had the opportunity to call for a vote on the so called “Nuclear Option” at the beginning of every senatorial session; essentially each calendar year.  This earth shattering idea that a majority of the votes, 51% or more, would determine policy is the same rule used to elect him.  Yet, he refuses to act upon this option and, instead, enters into agreements with his Republican counterparts called “filibuster reform” which everyone in the country knew wouldn’t be effective because the Republicans said that they had no intention to honor the agreement.  I have contacted Senator Reid, President Obama, and you previously about my view to no avail, of course.

In the past my wife and I have contributed more than 1% of our income to the Democratic Party and various Democrat candidates every year.  I know that’s not much to you, but our public school teacher income in Arizona is far less than yours.  We are not contributing any funds to the DNC or any candidate this election cycle because the leadership of my party has been inept and spineless, has foolishly adhered to and worked to maintain the twisted status quo of gridlock, and have thrown the people who need Democrats the most: the children, the elderly, the veterans, and the middle class “under the bus.”  And, if the Senate rule requiring a 60 vote majority for legislation to pass is still in effect in the next session, my 60th birthday will be celebrated as an Independent, not a Democrat.

Thank you for your time.          

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