I know.  I write too much.  And very little of it is overt politics.

I get some flak for that.  I've had a couple of people demand that I delete diaries they thought I shouldn't have written or weren't what they thought should be posted to DKos.  

But I've taken the stance that if Markos or one of the techs tells me to delete it, I will. Otherwise it stays up - a testimony to my stupidity, I guess.  Or ego.

Besides, someone generously gave me a lifetime subscription to DKos, so I have to earn it by writing lots and lots of diaries. Lots. Of. Diaries.

You don't have to read them.

These diaries have ranged all over the place - recipes, service animals, Top Comments, Practical Survivalism and Sustainable Living, Hunger in America, KosAbility, IAN, stuff about OctopodiCon and Water Paws and MedFair and the sheer torture that is mowing, and opinion pieces that aren't terribly important.

There are lots of pictures - of my garden, of food, of Itzl and Xoco, and the things I do - Steampunk Teas (there's another one this Saturday at the Midwest City, OK Public Library, 2:00 pm, on Mad Scientists and Evil Engineers), conventions, marches, watching voters take over my office, that sort of thing.

Last week's Ice Storm:

April Ice

The Sexy Chicken:

Lounging Chicken


Itzl Up CLose


Xoco Giving Attitude

OctopodiCon Tea artifacts:


A previous Harvest (too early for this year)

First Harvest

The Red Gerbera Daisy:

Red Gerbera Daisy

Part of the Mushroom Saga:

Itzl conferring with the Mushroom CHief

And now, I contemplate my second thousand diaries.

There will be more Mushroom Tales, and more stories about the Big Sarge and the other wild critters that inhabit my back yard, more Itzl stories, and more diaries for the groups to which I belong.

And maybe, maybe even some overtly political diaries.

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