This doesn't seem to me to be a party that has it's act together, or a party that was supposedly just given everything it ever wanted by Obama's offer of CCPI in his budget.

Shouldn't they be jumping at the chance to take advantage of their "gift"?

In fact, it's the Democrats pushing the debate on the budget. Why would they do this if Obama fucked them over so royally and put them in a bad position? They don't seem like they are negotiating from a bad position to me. They seem eager for this debate.

Boehner Explains Why GOP Got Cold Feet On Budget Negotiations With Dems

At his weekly Capitol briefing Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner explained why he and other GOP principals are reluctant to return to budget negotiations with Senate Democrats via traditional legislative channels.

As we noted yesterday, it comes down in part to wanting to avoid opening the House floor to votes on politically contentious Democratic legislative measures.


“[W]e’re overdue,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday. “House Democratic Leadership has sent a letter to Speaker Boehner asking him to appoint conferees. The time has come; it’s long overdue. We want a full, open, transparent discussion of priorities, that allows the public to make a judgement about whose priorities they prefer.”

But Democrats also sense that Republicans are attempting to slow walk the budget process so that they can link it to some separate but immovable deadline. If the 2009 timeline mentioned above is any guide, that could mean we’ll be waiting until May — which happens to be when the government will hit the debt limit once again.


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