This is the entire reason Fox News exists. To pass off garbage as news to a base that only wants to hear garbage:
[Fox News contributor for some reason Juan Williams]: It's like a tragedy ... the U.S. Senate can't take action on simple background checks that overwhelmingly the American people, in poll after poll, say that it's a good idea, it would be a good thing.  Gun owners say, 'Yes, it's a good thing.' But again, the power of big money, the NRA, and the gun manufacturers has carried the day. So let's look at the record then--

[Fox News anchor and hydroponic hair farm Bret Baier]: Well, hold on. Gun owners overall don't say that. You mentioned the NRA. They say [blah blah insufferable horsecrap blah ...]

Yes, gun owners overall do say that, and Supposedly Professional News Anchor Bret Baier is flat wrong about something that has been, you know, in the actual damn news quite a bit lately. This is because Gun Owners Overall are decent, reasonable people who don't buy the paranoid black helicopter garbage spewed forth by NRA leadership crackpots and tin-foil militia nuts and this nation's fine, upstanding and entirely uncrooked gun industry lobbyists. Gun owners overall realize that making minor tweaks to laws that might have a good chance at keep guns out of the hands of people who really, really shouldn't have them is a reasonable enough thing, and even might be worth adding a minor bit of paperwork to our otherwise God-given right to be homicidal manics upon the slightest goddamn provocation.

Fox News, on the other hand, does cater to the black-helicopter crowd, and does do its level best to instill anti-government panic in their viewers, and does have hosts lie on air, all the time, and especially when some annoying guest mentions anything that will give their precious bunker-dwelling viewers a sad. This is because the goal of Fox News, from ex-Glenn Beck to Bill O'Reilly to Sean Hannity to "& Friends" to whatever dull-minded sap is currently filling out the serious-news anchor chair that evening, is to validate their viewers' precious, addled world views even if that requires the spewing of outright fabrications to do it.

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