Today, the senate picked-up where it left off in considering the needs of American Citizens' safety by leaving Gun Control in a smoking heap at the side of the road in order to take-up a real threat to the safety of (1%) of Americans ... the closure of small air towers frequented by the elite.

"The agency has the money, " Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., told NBC News. "It's in different accounts."

On Thursday, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta argued with Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., testifying that the agency lacks the authority to move the cash into the right account that would save the towers.

"I'm not convinced," said Blumenthal, whose state is home to six of the towers set to be cut. "We're preparing legislation that would give them them additional authority and mandate the program's continuance."

The towers are "critically important in many parts of economy," Blumenthal said. "Closure would essentially create risks -- there's concerns for taking off in bad weather. My constituents are very concerned about jobs and the economy, and impact on safety."

Who are these constituents?
The towers provide pilot guidance at smaller and regional airports that primarily serve charter, corporate, military, and private aircraft.
Ah, yes.  REAL constituents.  The kind with lavish bank accounts, thick wallets and the ability to have senators on speed dial.  The ones who would utilize these airports the most.

And what will happen in the absence of the air towers?

In their [the FAA operators'] absence, using established FAA protocols, pilots will take off and land by sight, and coordinate with each other by radio.
Now, this isn't to say the FAA air towers are unimportant.  Actually, they are.  But, here we are 24 hours after gun control - supported by most Americans - can't get passed through the Senate in the face of direct and obvious danger to most Americans; and yet, tower closures - caused by a sequestration that could simply be turned off at any time - is causing even Democratic senators to get up in arms about how their precious, green-with-cash donors are going to be affected by these closures.

The effect?  They can still use these airports.  It just will be more dangerous.

Kind of like how with the failure of gun reform, we'll still send our kids to school tomorrow ... it'll just be more dangerous (than it could be if the Senate had guts to act, instead of the cowardice to worry about whether the rich will be able to land their private jets in inclement weather.)

(PS no offense to the thousands of private pilots who enjoy utilizing these small airports.  But, I'm sorry to say ... you're not the reason these senators are so upset.)

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