Short and sweet and to the point - we have at this point 3 confirmed for the Springfield Brewery tomorrow, I'll PM some cell phone #s in the morning for those that wish to reach me, first round is on me, mates.  7PM-Whenever.   (Though since I'm heading back to KC, I'm probably gone by 10)

If you haven't booked yet, that's fine.. if you can make it, that's great!   If not, but you're in Missouri and want to get together later, we are doing a similar Kos-get together SEPTEMBER in Columbia, Missouri.

For the Kansas Side - a brief reminder, Next Week, 4/26, at the Free State Brewery we're throwing our little get together for all those Kansas City/Lawrence/Topeka Kos who want to spend some time.   7PM-whenever your ready to split!  We're in the middle of several democratic house reps listening tours right now on the Kansas side for potential Governor candidates for 2014, so that should be interesting, plus at least a chance to meet one another.

If you're interested in either, or or neither, please feel free to PM and let me know.

Thanks to all, and for those attending, I look forward to seeing you in Springfield tomorrow.

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