We know everything the President does is suspect to the right-wing wackos that love Sean Hannity. But now they think the president is covering up the bombing.

The right wing is never at a loss for conspiracy theories. Here's the latest wacky one: The president may have aided in the escape of a suspect and is covering Saudi involvement in the Boston bombing. This, by the way, was before the FBI released the photos of the two suspects in the middle of the day.

  A poster at Sean Hannity's official message board quoted an alleged terrorism expert that was interviewed by Hannity who said a "person of interest" was deported within the last week.

Glenn Beck's wacky The Blaze also picked up the charge. Not surprising.

Hannity fans, of course, have no doubt that the president is involved. One poster said, "This is starting to look a lot like Benghazi."

One other gave his reasons for believing it :

Bill Ayers and (Bernadine) Dhorn and the whole damned Weather Underground bunch are his undeniable radical friends...

Too damned bad that it's the truth...

The liberal members of the forum took on the idea and debunked it, but it wasn't enough to ease the right wingers.

Got to have their daily conspiracy.

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