Today Kos said, “Again, the federal government will and should absolutely lend resources to the town's recovery.” This is nonsense given the desires of the people in the State of Texas. Texas has made its position entirely clear. Both Texas senators and 23 of the 36 Texas representatives think the government should not provide aid to the states for disaster relief. Representative Flores who was elected by 80 percent of the people in the district where the Texas disaster struck voted no to the federal government providing relief aid for hurricane Sandy. We should not force them to take aid from the federal government when they are against this act. I have not heard one Texas senator or representative say one word about their vote against Sandy relief being a mistake. It is unconscionable for us to give away money to people who will only spit in our faces because we give away money while thinking that is the right thing to do. It is not the right thing to give money to Texas. I have written my two Democratic senators and my Democratic representative and asked them to vote Nay on any relief bill for Texas. Hopefully, you will contact your senators and representative to express whether or not to give relief aid to Texas.

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