Suspects uncle
Suspects' uncle calls on nephew to surrender,
condemns 'autrocity' of attacks
According to MSNBC, authorities are expected to deliver a briefing soon on the status of the manhunt. Of course, things could easily change given the fluidity of the situation.

8:48 AM PT: As you can see pictured on the right, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's uncle is calling on his nephew to surrender. He says he hasn't seen his nephew since 2005, but that the bombing was an atrocity. He said that his nephews brought "shame" on their family and all Chechens by conducting the evil attack.

8:50 AM PT:
And now DoD Sec. Chuck Hagel is here at the WH in person. So every key Nat'l Security official is here at WH in person. Kerry & Brennan too
@chucktodd via TweetDeck

9:17 AM PT: Military style helicopters are circling, very low to the crowd, in Waterstown in the general area where police have focused their attention. Meanwhile, Boston Globe tweets that the briefing is expected soon, but it's been expected soon for a couple of hours.

9:25 AM PT: This appears to be Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Twitter account, including several tweets from after the bombing.

9:33 AM PT: The briefing is starting, with Governor Deval Patrick opening things up by saying they will not be able to take questions.

9:35 AM PT: Patrick thanks the public for being cooperative by staying indoors. "The stay indoor request continues for the time being. That is unchanged. There are continuing developments in the investigation which will be able to talk about later, not now." Patrick says to keep your door locked and to only open your door if you see a uniformed officer.

9:37 AM PT: So far, neither Patrick nor Boston Mayor Tom Menino have gone into any specific developments in the investigation. Timothy Alben, superintendent of the state police, says "we are progressing through this neighborhood. We've made it through 60 or 70 percent of what we're trying to go through." He says "There has been no apprehension so far." Alben says there will be a controlled demolition later this afternoon in Cambridge.

9:40 AM PT: So to summarize: Stay in your homes; They haven't found the suspect; They are continuing to search for him; and there will be a controlled explosion in Cambridge later today.

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