Yesterday there was a diary about cutting off federal aid to West Texas .
It didn't go over well .
Some people treated the diarist very poorly .
I wish they would not have done that ,
I wish they had been more creative and less ...
So , creative I shall try to be .

I'd like to see some people from the previous disasters , the ones where the federal aid was screwed around with , to get together and get a bus or some trucks and drive to West Texas and hand a "show check" to the mayor of West Texas or the the Governor of Texas . The show check could be donations from the people who went through the previous disasters or maybe they could be the postal service person for the federal aid .  
They could come equipped to do clean up and repair .  
The national Dem party could send in a group of people with a real big tent .
The good people from Habitat for Humanity could show up and bang out a few houses .
We could really fork them with kindness .



Fork them with ...

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