We're pretty much in a holding pattern as far as what we know about the state of the search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. At an earlier briefing we learned that authorities had not apprehended Tsarnaev despite searching most of the area in which they believed he had been holed up. Based on that, it appears authorities do not have a idea of where he might be.

With the flow of information about the state of the manhunt having slowed to a trickle, we're getting a ton of useless speculation on cable news as well stupid comments from politicians. For example:

Congressman Peter King: "This is boston's version of mumbai. We were wondering when we could have a mumbai type of attack and now we know."
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As Hunter points out:
Peter King never mentions the IRA when comparing terrorist incidents. I wonder why.
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We're also getting nuggets of information about the Tsarnaevs: For example, the younger Tsarnaev brother picked up a his car from a body shop the day after the bombing. The body shop owner, who knew the suspect, said he appeared nervous and asked for his car back even though work hadn't been completed on it.

11:24 AM PT:

UMass-Dartmouth students tell @AP that #BostonMarathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was on campus this week after the  bombings.

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11:24 AM PT:
Bombing suspect may be driving 4-door, '99, green Honda Civic w/ Mass. plates reading: 116GC7. #FBI #BostonMarathon http://t.co/...

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11:37 AM PT:
MA State Police CANCEL hunt for 1999 Honda with plate 116GC7. "We have that car. We are not looking for it. BOLO recalled.' MSP apologized
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11:43 AM PT: Well said:

These Boston terrorizers make me question legal immigration about as much as Lanza or Loughner made me question birthright citizenship
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