Why does it seem like all violently bigoted religion ultimately boils down to sexual psychosis?  Well, basically, because it does - and the right-wing jar of curdled fuck-butter that is the "Family" Research Council has ironically highlighted this fact by claiming (as first brought to my attention in another diary here) that "sexual liberalism" is somehow responsible for violence.  This is such obvious projection that it's beyond laughable - it's gut-wrenchingly pathetic, and reflects the fact that every form of militant religious radicalism ever devised has been nothing but a dementedly elaborate, mind-fucked, Rube Goldberg form of masturbation.  

Every anti-human movement from Nazism to Islamic terrorism to the religious right in this country has cultivated sexual denial as a way to redirect people's energies toward violent political ends, and most often they argue for it by accusing libertine behavior of "sapping the strength" needed to wage murderous war (i.e., removing the motivation for it because people are happier when they're fucking).  This mindset was most memorably lampooned in Dr. Strangelove in General Ripper's fear that women want to take away a man's "essence" through sex, and that "Communists" are trying to achieve the same objective by polluting his "precious bodily fluids" with fluoridated water.  Naturally these loons all want to "rescue" the rest of society from the pleasures they deny themselves (or just pretend to deny themselves while pontificating to others about abstinence), because misery loves company, especially when it's self-inflicted...

But because such people can't miss an opportunity to be twisted, apparently they can't stop themselves from spewing doublespeak and claiming the exact opposite of their delusional fear of the "weak-willed, sex-addled" libertine society, so the FRC apparently now believes that sexual liberalism leads to violence.  Which, of course, is why hump-happy France is such a blood-soaked charnel house and Saudi Arabia, where women are wrapped up like mummies and adultery means death, is so humane and orderly, right?  And why religion-riddled states in the US have vastly higher teen pregnancy and porn-viewing rates than more secular, libertine ones?

Watch a video of people at an evangelical megachurch sometime, gyrating in ecstasy to their preacher's ravings.  They've been trained like Pavlovian dogs to respond this way to religious rituals - "God" gives them orgasms.  Well, here's a suggestion: How about the taliban, al Qaeda, the Family Research Council, the Westboro Baptists, the Christian Coalition, and everyone like them everywhere, just go fuck each other.  Literally.  Or at least save us all from anti-science nuttery, misogyny, homophobia, repression, ignorance, and terrorist attacks by just taking some alone time with Lesbian Spank Inferno playing on the computer.


Remember, fundies: Idle hands are the devil's plaything.  So instead of turning self-induced sexual frustration into murderous rage against your favorite scapegoats, how about just taking a shortcut to paradise by tangibly connecting with another human being, or at least yourself, and then having the common decency to admit that it's a good thing and other people are allowed to do it too?  What you're already doing by teaching people to hate and fear pleasure in others is a lot more unseemly and perverse than any legal thing you could possibly do with another person's body or your own.  

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