Reporters saying multiple shots fired. There are reports of a body found in a boat in a backyard. But nothing is confirmed.

Link to live WCVB Channel in Boston.

RT @BostonGlobe: BREAKING NEWS: Residents describe pandemonium on Franklin Street in Watertown; source says suspect pinned down.
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RT @ScottBix: .@CNN: Police are firing gas to clear Tsarnaev out
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BREAKING: Credible sources tell me I am tweeting every single thing I am watching and hearing on the same channel everybody's watching #YOLO
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4:27 PM PT: More and more law enforcement converging on scene of shooting.

4:28 PM PT:
JUST IN: Agent on scene tells Bob Orr that police haven't entered boat or determined if anyone is inside; authorities moving deliberately

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4:37 PM PT:
BREAKING NEWS: Police have taken the cover off the boat containing the man believed to be the Marathon bombing suspect. He's not moving.

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4:41 PM PT:
suspect was found using thermal imaging from helicopter.

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4:46 PM PT: WCVB TV reporting that police sources say this is 19-year-old Dzokhar Tsarnaev and, as of four minutes ago, he was still moving.

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