This is freaking hilarious, on many levels (warning: video automatically plays).

The anti-gay rally held against marriage equality last week in Hinckley, Minnesota was...well, how to put this...bless its heart. If the people attending weren't such vicious, vile, despicable people, it would have almost been cute.

First of all, it was so ambitious. They invited Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family and Minnesota State Representative Tim Faust (who remains "undecided" on marriage equality). Both accepted and spoke to the "crowd." But there's where this poor anti-gay rally ran into problems. The crowd...see...there was none. Three dozen people showed up. Three dozen! Said Stanton to the tens of people in the audience:

We are told by the opposition and oh, your pastor is not going to have to marry same sex couples. You know what, we'll try to take your word on that, but don't blame us if we don't completely believe you. The support that is out there supposedly growing for same sex marriage is razor thin, because it is built on soundbites.
He says this to an anti-gay rally that can't draw more than a few dozen crotchety conservatives. LOL! I mean, look at this crowd:

Oh, but there was a T-shirt toss. So at least one person went home a winner.

I didn't mention the best part, though. Are you ready for this? It was held outside a freaking antique mall! I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Watch the news coverage. It's hysterical:

Just take one look at the size and composition of that crowd and tell me we're not winning.

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