Good Morning All. I am James, also known as exlrrp
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well, I didn't get s much done on this as I thought I might due to going to Chile to see my granddaughters  and then having to race back to Oakland to be at my dying mom's bedside. Ah, family life!
But I did manage to move some boards around and nail some stuff together.
I finished the front reading room, or as much as I need to. I'm focusing on just getting the things done I need to in order to get the carpet down ASAP. I can come back and do some of the trim later.
I got the baseboard down and most of the casing. There will be casing on the inset shelves, the skylight and the two windows, still to do. I cut the two closet doors down from normal size and installed them. Still need to install doorknobs. You can see the prior before pictures from last months diary  here
I finished this computer desk for mrs e but this is turning into such a nice room I may have to commandeer it and see if I can fob off one of the lofts on her and make this the library. It has the best view in the house and a skylight too, southside facing. Perfect for sitting in the morning with laptop on knee as the sun rises, cuppa coffee by my side reading the Dailykos
Anyhoo, I finished the computer desk for whoever. There'll be a pullout shelf for the keyboard and a shelf way underneath the desk (to make it easier to clean and cut down the amount of carpet.)
Here's how it looks now
compare to last months. (Thats not the ultimate chair, just a temp)
 photo 20130418_075342_zpsd3817fb6.jpg

Check the view from that computer desk
 photo 20130418_075145_zpscd12aa62.jpg

Here's the wall on the other side. this will be  nice place for a futon. I may put inset shelves here too.  Again, you can see the Before on the last months diary referenced above.
 photo 20130418_075228_zps21aa471b.jpg

So anyway, here's The Room With A View, ready for carpet, still some trim left to do.
 photo 20130418_075502_zps3ddf0416.jpg

So.......what are you working on?

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