Dear Glenn,

You like giving ultimatums, So I have an ultimatum for you. You have until Monday to admit you are a demagogue and a liar. Your bogus bullshit has reached a new level of nitwiticism. You have gone from your petty stupid the world is going to end tomorrow to putting innocent citizens in danger. You treat politics and media as a game for your own purpose of making more money. The ironic thing is, I don't believe that you believe your own bullshit. You are nothing, and have to make money by hurting innocent people. While I am sure you will not admit that you are demagogue by Monday, my ultimatum will have the same value as yours, because, like your ultimatum, I will do the same as you, which is nothing but laugh and be utterly disgusted at the same time at your obvious buffoonery. Remember this, Glenn, if somebody innocent gets hurt out of this, you are ultimately responsible.

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