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On Friday night, Watertown, MA resident Dave Henneberry walked outside for a smoke shortly after Governor Deval Patrick lifted the Boston curfew and allowed residents to leave their houses.  Henneberry noticed something suspicious about his boat, lifted the cover to see a pool of blood, then called 911 to report what he thought was a body.  

The body turned out to be injured bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was taken into custody.

The perpetually short-sighted Limbaugh did not chalk the apprehension up to 4 days of round the clock investigation by the police officers and FBI agents Limbaugh has previously described as a drain on the economy.  

Rather, it was a case solved by smoking:

We all owe a debt to a smoker.  A guy in his house wanted to smoke a cigarette.  His wife would not let him smoke the cigarette inside.  So he went out in the backyard, and while he was smoking his cigarette he's looking at his boat.  And he said, "There's something strange about that boat."  Something didn't look right.  It was his boat, so he climbed up on his boat while he's out in the backyard smoking a cigarette, he unzips the protective winter cover that he has on his boat, and he sees the bleeding, half conscious Boston Marathon Muslim bomber.  Remember that old saying, for the want of a nail the kingdom was lost, something like that?

This guy wants a cigarette.  We hate cigarettes.  We hate smokers.  But if not for this guy being a smoker, if not for this guy being forced to the backyard to smoke his cigarette, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev might still be in that boat bleeding out. He might not have been caught if it hadn't been for that smoker.  Now, we don't know because the guy did get caught, and it's all downhill from there.  I just wanted to let everybody know.  "Mr. Limbaugh, you really enjoy this, don't you?  You know that everybody hates smoking and you like smoking and so you just had to --" I'm just pointing out what happened.  I'm happy the guy smoked.  Smokers do a lot of good in this country, and they're a maligned group and I just wanted to single this guy out.

Maybe it's a good step that Limbaugh is finally standing up for a minority.  After all, minorities such as African Americans, Mexicans, and homosexuals are frequent targets of his own mean-spirited attacks.  But after such valiant efforts by law enforcement in Boston over the past week, do we really need to make this story into a victory for smokers?

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