This comes from The Inclusive Scouting Network

All adult applicants must possess the moral, educational, and emotional
qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive
leadership to youth. The applicant must also be the correct age, subscribe to the
precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle (duty to God), and abide by the
Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

That each Chartered Organization of the Boy Scouts of America shall have
the right (but not be required) to grant membership to individuals who, in the best
judgment of that Chartered Organization, demonstrate behavior that exemplifies
the highest level of good conduct and respect for others in accordance with the
mission of the BSA and is consistent with the principles and teachings of that
Chartered Organization, without regard to sexual orientation.

This differs from the BSA's own proposal that only addresses youth membership.  The way the current proposal is worded, a scout can join, learn leadership skills, progress all the way to Eagle, and then immediately become irrelevant, ostracized, and excommunicated upon his 18th birthday.

In many ways, that's worse than excluding gays outright.

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