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Your current diary about the Boston bombings counts as a conspiracy theory. Such postings are not permitted at Daily Kos.

I received the above message from  the Daily Kos Administration.  This was due to my post of yesterday being criticized by people who apparently do not believe that citizens in America are allowed to be considered innocent until proved guilty.  According to the managers of Daily Kos we are not allowed to question authority, we cannot search and examine the facts unless it is what the majority who control the media believe we should be allowed to question.  See my post and determine for yourself if this is censorship or a lynching or just good old capitalism where Daily Kos is responding to customer survey data.  One thing to consider here:  when does an examination of trail information on which people are incarcerated (as is happening today by the wrongful convictions movement).  http://kubylaw.com/...  and http://truthinjustice.org/....  Are these lawyers and volunteers engaged in conspiracy theories against the criminal justice apparatus or is the effort to examine facts to guarantee justice a legitimate effort if not duty for citizens in America?

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