I’m kind of a math guy and maybe a bit OCD, so when I noticed that my 5000th comment was approaching, I thought I should celebrate. I’ll mention that not only have I written 5000 comments, but I’ve never ever ever gotten a hide-rate. No donuts for me in 5000 comments. I don't usually offend people or say nasty things.

Here's a few things I've written over the past four years. Some of my favorite DKos diaries:

The one DKos diary I’ve written that's my favorite by far is this one: A History of The English Language. The Celts, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Norman French.

Thorstein Veblen’s Radical Ideas. About an obscure economist from the early 20th century, who came up with some wonderful concepts. It made me happy that Meteor Blades recommended the diary.

My Norwegian Ancestors. About four of my ancestors: a teacher, a sailor, a soldier, and a welder.

A Tragic Ending to a Brilliant Life (The Gay Man Who Invented Computers). One of the first DKos diaries I wrote. About Alan Turing, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

What Happened to The Tea Party in the 2012 Election?. The 59 members of the Tea Party Caucus. How they fared in 2012. Lots of numbers.

Sunday Jukebox – Healthcare Edition. Songs about doctors/medicine/illness. For a while, I was posting musical diaries of songs that I like. I haven’t posted a musical diary in a while. I should do another one.

100 Years Ago: WA Women Get The Right To Vote. I wrote this when I lived in Washington State. WA was one of the first states to let women vote. But it was a long struggle. For a while, the men thought women would be happy if they could vote for the school boards (because it’s a compromise).

Finally, here’s Random Thoughts from a Census Enumerator, about when I spent a couple of months knocking on doors to get census information.

Those are some of the diaries I’m most proud of and my tip jar is going to be…

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