You..ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Friday April 24, 1903
New York City, New York - Rose Schneiderman on Reasons to Organize

Miss Schneiderman at age twenty-one is the secrtary-treasure of the newly organized Local 23 of the United Cloth Hat and Cap Makers Union. She has much to say about why the women decided to join the union. She spoke of how the men in their trade belong to a union and are, therefore, able to better their conditions. And added:

[We] decided that it would be a good thing for the lining-makers to join a union along with the trimmers, who were all women. We had had no idea that there was a union in our industry and that women could join it. Nor did we have a full realization of the hardships we were needlessly undergoing. There was the necessity of owning a sewing machine before you could work Then you had to buy your own thread. But the worst of it was the incredibly inefficient way in which work was distributed. Because we were all piece-workers, any time lost during the season was a real hardship.
Hopefully, now that these young women are organized, conditions in their factory can be adjusted to their satisfaction.

All For One
-by Rose Schneiderman
   & Lucy Goldthwaite
NY, 1967

Thursday April 24, 1913
Los Angeles, California - Lucy Parson Brought Before the Court

Lucy Parsons and her companion, George Markstall, went before the court today. The judge took the case under advisement until April 30. They were both returned to their jail cells where they have been since April 13th when they arrested for peddling literature without a license, a misdemeanor. Lucy Parsons has been arrested before, but these arrest have not deterred her from her life's mission.

Lucy Parsons
American Revolutionary

-by Carolyn Ashbaugh
Charles H Kerr Pub, 1976

Wednesday April 24, 2013
Chicago, Illinois - Fast Food and Retail Workers Are On Strike Today!

Email from Fast Food Forward:

Workers at fast food and retail chains across Chicago went to strike today to demand $15 an hour and the right to form a union.   Stand with them.

They’ve had enough of struggling to get by while corporate profits soar. Enough of struggling to support themselves and their families.  Enough of being unable to afford basic needs like rent, food, health care, and transportation.  

The brave workers are willing to risk their jobs and their livelihoods to stand up and say ENOUGH – and we can’t let them stand alone.  Tell Chicago’s fast food and retail chains to pay their workers $15 an hour.

Companies like Macy’s and McDonald’s, Victoria’s Secret and Whole Foods are raking in profits but they refuse to do the right thing by their hard-working employees and pay them a living wage.

With hundreds of Chicago workers going on strike today, there’s no doubt they got that message today.   But we need be even LOUDER, and show these companies that their consumers stand with the striking workers.

The fact is, a fair living wage is not only the right thing to do, it will also strengthen the economy by putting money in the hands of workers, reduce crime, and improve Chicago’s neighborhoods.

What we pay fast food and retail workers in this country is a national shame. That’s why workers in Chicago went on strike today and why they need supporters across the country – to stand with them in calling out fast food and retail to demand a living wage for all workers.

Are you in? Add your name today:

In Solidarity,
Jonathan Westin
Fast Food Forward

Sign the petition:

Fast Food Forward

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"Us poor folks ain't got a chance unless we organize."

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