Do you Tweet?

If so, embedding Tweets is a great way to incorporate your Twitter experience with your Daily Kos activity.

It's quite simple, and takes only moments to do. If you know how.

Meet me below the Fleur-de-kos for the instructions and some images to help you along...

In honor of Earth Day (yesterday), I choose this Tweet for today's class in #TwitterTools.

1. Find the Tweet you want to embed on Twitter. It will look like this:

Visual guide image of Twitter action, for educational purposes.
This Tweet has an attached image, which you can tell by the words "view photo" at the bottom left.

2. See the Reply - Retweet - Favorite - More part near the bottom?

Visual guide image of Twitter action, for educational purposes.
Twitter offers a variety of action choices.

3. Click the * * * More part and you'll get 2 choices: Email or Embed

Visual guide image of Twitter action, for educational purposes.
You can email or embed Tweets.

4. Click Embed Tweet and a popup will show code. Highlight and copy the code.

Visual guide image of Twitter action, for educational purposes.
Be sure the "include media" box is checked or your embedded Tweet will be missing the image!

5. Paste that code into a diary or comment here at Daily Kos and it becomes an Embedded Tweet.

When you first embed a Tweet here, it just looks like a grey colored blockquote box. But if you reload/refresh the page, it looks like a Tweet on Twitter.
That's it. Embedding Tweets in 5 easy steps.

WARNING: Twitter has changed how to perform this function (slightly) at least twice in the past year. It may happen again. However, both have been only tweaks to the process, not a complete overhaul. I expect future changes will be the same, and you'll be able to adapt. If not? I'll do another diary if the next change is significant.

Please use today's diary as a "sandbox" (that's #techtalk for a place to practice before using your new skills in the real world).

Leave comments and try to embed a Tweet from Twitter.

Use the one I use in the diary if you'd like, just right-click on the timestamp on the embedded Tweet at the top of the diary and choose "open in new tab".

Twitter will open with that Tweet on the page. Then you can grab the code and try and embed it in your comment on this page (which will still be open and waiting for you to come back to).

Happy Tweeting!

PS - Twitter also has a Visual Guide to Embedding Tweets right here. Of course, I like mine better. But along with "Hotlisting" this diary, you could 'bookmark" that URL for future reference.


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