Hi everyone, I am letting you guys know that I am starting a new website, with the purpose of reviewing US politicians, pundits, and legislation. I intend to incorporate user submitted reviews above the fold, as long as they are fact based and justifiable from an objective standpoint. If anyone wishes to submit a review, please post it here, or email me at admin@politicalreviews.com. If you wish, you can visit the site now, at politicalreviews.com, though all reviews are currently placeholder text representing wikipedia biographies. If you wish to submit a review, please do so roughly in the form of: Legislative Accomplishments, Foreign Policy, Economy, Social Issues, Scandals/ Moral Character, Overall Impressions, Positives and Negatives. Please also submit a score from 1-100. You may submit a review for any presently sitting federal congressman, senator, or president. The best reviews will be featured under the authors byline as a guest review. User voting should be enabled at the site at present, though the overall scores are still placeholders. There should be pages representing nearly all current US Senators, Congress-critters and the President. I must also let you know that I am a relative noob at webmastering, and this site is very much a work in progress.

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