Yesterday I wrote an article called, Occupy... Great Idea, But Missed The Mark.  

I think most readers missed my point. It's not just pickets in the streets, it's homework. It's keeping track of who has lunch or dinner with whom. It's adding up the contributions that match the votes in Congress. It's doing the grunt footwork and paperwork that puts two and two together. It's raising the money that allows Occupy to tell the story.

What Occupy should be about is gathering the information that opens the eyes of voters about who and what they've elected. Who is really or not really representing the American citizen and for what or who their elected really represents and then, informing the voter.

It's not just about picket signs and people in the streets, it's about finding ways to provide that information to the voter. You want to elect people who really represent us? That takes money, dedication and.....HOMEWORK!

I guess the question is, can Occupy make that change? If not, IMHO, most of their efforts is a waste of time.


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