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A Federal Aviation Administration statement confirms that, yep, furloughs forced by sequestration are causing delays at major airports, and "Travelers can expect to see a wide range of delays that will change throughout the day depending on staffing and weather-related issues." For example:
Yesterday more than 1,200 delays in the system were attributable to staffing reductions resulting from the furlough. There were more than 1,400 additional delays as a result of weather and other factors.
That means the sequester is nearly doubling delays; if you're a traveler, you can't like those odds. Republican outrage once again boiled up at this cut to a service that Republican politicians personally value, but sadly they continue directing that outrage at President Obama, who tried to avert the sequester, rather than at themselves for forcing it to go into effect. Yes, it would be weird for Republicans to blame themselves, but arguably no weirder and a lot more reality-based than insisting that austerity is fantastic while complaining loudly every time they notice that austerity is happening.

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