How Senator John McCain of Arizona feels about women should be at no surprise. He publicly called his wife a "c*nt" and often laughs about wife-beating.

The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (AzCADV) is under fire for supporting a Senator that "jokes" about a "woman that loved about being raped by an ape". An Arizona rape survivor reported that she was laughed out of McCains's office when she visited his office to lobby for legislation that would protect other survivors. It is disgusting that the 2nd largest domestic violence advocacy group in Arizona is supporting a man that displayed over 30 years of a solid record on voting on anti-women legislation.

Senator John McCain voted yes on S.649, legislation that might protect domestic violence survivors. Even though I am all for S.649 what I am against  is a group of self proclaimed "domestic violence advocates" waking up early on a Saturday morning, stand in the hot Arizona sun with signs supporting a man that have so publicly expressed misogyny.

Senator McCain does not deserve a public thank you from the women advocacy community.  We shouldn't need to praise someone for doing the right thing. AzCADV could have just sent a little thank you note and said "yeah, you did a good thing." But instead they had to get up early and mass at his office like grateful supplicants.

On the same weekend in Phoenix, AZ there was a conference regarding the Violence Against Women Act and a protest against an Air Force officer sexual assault conviction being overturned. AzCADV felt that Senator McCain was far more important than either of those two events and snubbed the domestic and sexual violence community to instead say thank you to a rape apologist.

AzCADV actions was a slap in the face to every woman in the state that every had to watch him vote away our rights as women.

An email to Allie Bones, AzCADV Executive Director, requesting clarification went unanswered at time of publication.

Originally posted to justsurviving on Thu Aug 08, 2013 at 09:26 PM PDT.

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